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Are You Tired of Losing Things?

Posted by Coach Kim Collins on May 2, 2010

Do you always seem to lose your keys, wallet, cell phone or other items? Are you tired of wasting time looking for things? Are you constantly beating yourself up for losing the same things over and over again?

Here are some steps you can take to help you keep track of your stuff and stop beating yourself up.

Choose one item that you misplace on a regular basis and go through the following steps:

  1. Find a place for it. Think of a spot that is visible, convenient and that makes sense to you.
  2. Create a routine for taking and replacing your item. For example, every time you walk into the house you put your cell phone in its place before you sit down or pick anything else up. And, when you are leaving you must grab your phone before you open the door.
  3. Talk yourself through your routine. In order to really create a habit, it may be helpful for you to say out loud every step of the routine as you do it.
  4. Practice. It is very important to practice going through your routine so that it becomes automatic. Choose a time when you are not running around, to actually work through your routine several times. Think of it as a dress rehearsal and when show time comes – you’ll be ready!
  5. Remember the  two “keep it with you rules”.
  • Rule One: Whenever you go out never put any of your personal belongings down. Always have your things touching you in some way. For example, I always have my purse on my lap or on my arm.
  • Rule Two: Whenever you leave an area always look around the space for anything that you may have dropped.

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