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Motivation to Exercise

Posted by Coach Kim Collins on July 20, 2012

I didn’t want to do it! Although my mind and mood were telling me that I didn’t want to exercise today- I knew I needed to.  I tried to talk myself out of it, I even created excuses in my head. I mean it was raining out, who feels like exercising when it’s raining out?

So, here are 3 things I did to motivate myself to get moving even on a rainy day:

  1. I put on my shoes

  2. I found a good movie (that would take my mind off the fact that I was exercising) to watch on Netflix

  3. I stepped on the treadmill with my iPad and hit the start button!



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Who Do You Want To Be?

Posted by Coach Kim Collins on January 13, 2012

Maybe instead of looking at what you want this year, you should look at who you want to be.

Here is an exercise to help you figure it out:

  1. Take a blank piece of paper and write at the top “I want to be a person who…”
  2. Then, set a timer for 60 seconds and write down all the words that come to your mind without censoring or erasing.
  3. Next, take this list of words and phrases and find pictures, images, and even songs – anything that evokes a visual or emotional representation of your words.
  4. Put these items in a physical folder or a digital folder. Set a recurring reminder to look at these things on the first of every month.
  5. By the end of the year you can evaluate if you have become the person you wanted to be.

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A Good Way To Multitask

Posted by Coach Kim Collins on May 31, 2010

If you are like me you struggle to get yourself to exercise. One of the best strategies that I have found is to multitask while I exercise.

Now I know that in general multitasking can lead you astray, but this is one of the few instances where multitasking can actually make you more productive.

We already know that exercise on its own can increase focus and concentration and when coupled with something else you either need to do or joy doing, it makes it even better.

I love to walk and talk on the phone with friends and family, it allows me time to connect with people and makes my exercise time go by quickly. If I am not walking and talking, I’m listening to a podcast or a book on tape. This can be a great time to listen to something you are interested in or learn a new language or skill. Other people listen to music to keep themselves pump up. I recommend to people who have to study and find it hard to sit still while reading – to read while riding a stationary bike because the physical movement can help them focus. And finally, finding ways to combine play and exercise can actually make it fun. Join a class or team, or just play with your kids! Happy Multitasking!

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