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Changing the way you work


Whether you are seeking Career Coaching, Productivity Consulting, or ADHD Coaching; this page outlines  the basic framework I use when working with clients. *Please note that if you decide you’d like to work together, we’ll develop a fully customized plan that focuses on just the areas most important to you.


imageSELF DISCOVERY: We begin our journey by delving into who you are, how you operate and what makes you tick. Through coaching conversations, assessments and exercises we will begin to identify the internal resources you possess that will enable you to discover and set meaningful goals.




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RESOURCE EXPLORATION: During this next phase we will explore and experiment with external resources that will support you in conquering roadblocks and moving you toward your goal.





And finally, we will develop and implement an action plan to get you where you want to be. As you work your plan we make course corrections as needed and celebrate your success every step of the way!




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