Organized Kaos

Changing the way you work

Am I Ready for Coaching?

  1. I am ready to make changes in my life.

  2. I am committed to make coaching a priority.

  3. I am willing to take small steps each day in order to meet my goals.

  4. I am willing to be open and honest with my coach.

  5. I am willing to leave my comfort zone in order to have the life I want.

  6. I am willing to stick with it when the going gets tough.

  7. I am mentally/emotionally stable enough to be in a coaching relationship right now.

  8. I can be relied upon to make coaching payments as specified in my coaching contract.

  9. I am committed to being on time and prepared for my scheduled coaching appointments.

  10. I am willing to take a leap of faith in my coach and myself.

I have answered, “Yes” to these statements and am ready for a Coach !