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The Life Reimagined Project

Posted by Coach Kim Collins on November 14, 2011

I have recently begun working on a project powered by AARP, YouTube, MyAssist, and other key partners. The Life Reimagined Project asks the question “What’s Next” in your life? As an ADHD Coach I typically work with clients on a more micro level of discovery. However, looking at the big picture of “What’s Next” is an important aspect in creating your own future.

The Life Reimagined Project invites people of all ages and stages of life to share their stories of inspiration, discover their strengths, and connect to mentors and peers who will support and help them further their dreams.

I hope that you will join me in helping yourself as well as others, reimagine their lives. This is a great opportunity to educate those who are not familiar with how ADHD truly impacts people. And, it will give you a chance to share your wisdom and experience with those who are struggling to make their way through the ADHD maze.

This is the alpha stage of this project and any feedback you provide will make this a great place to Inspire, Discover, and Connect!

Join me at The Life Reimagined Project and make a difference!

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