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Are you spending the weekends the way you want to? Most of the time we are so focused on creating structure during the weekdays, we forget about planning how we will use our time on the weekend.

The weekend presents a challenge for many people with ADHD because the built in structure of work and school are not present.

The first thing you want to think about is, how exactly do you want to spend your weekend? Do you want to use your weekend to take care of household chores so that your weeknights are free? Or do you prefer to take care of your chores during the week so that your weekends are free for rest and recreation? Another option is to balance your chores between weeknights and weekends so that you will have time for finish up chores and get some recreation.

The important thing is that you think about how you want to spend your time and plan a loose structure so that you control your weekend instead of your weekend controlling you.

  1. Make a list of things that must be done on the weekend and post it where you will see it.
  2. Plan weekend activities as a family and put things on the calendar.
  3. Make a habit of getting the kids to prepare for the week (doing homework , chores, and getting clothes ready) Friday night or Saturday morning to avoid the last minute Sunday night  chaos.
  4. Alternate weekends with other parents to shuttle kids around for weekend activities.
  5. Choose at least one fun or relaxing thing to do every weekend.
  6. Try to establish one weekend a month where you don’t do anything you don’t what to do.