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Let’s face it we all get a little rebellious when it seems like our to-do list is telling us to do something we don’t particularly want to do.

It’s like you can almost hear your mom’s voice saying “Kim, you have to clean your room!” and that rebellious 14-year-old comes out fighting.

But as adults we all have to do things we don’t really want to do. And, when mom isn’t standing there threatening to take away our TV privileges, it becomes our responsibility to get ourselves to do what we need to do.

My recommendation is to make your to-do list doable by choosing your language carefully and noting why you want or need to do a particular task.

For example, instead of putting: “Pay Bills” or “Workout”, you may want to put:” I will pay my bills so that I can improve my credit rating” or “I want to workout so that I will feel healthier and more focused today”

It’s miraculous how much we can get done when we don’t feel like we are being told what to do and we remind ourselves why we are doing it.